What happens if the competition doesn't sell out?

The Competitions can have time added on up to 2 times at a maximum of 7 days per time. If the Competition is not sold out after the 2nd timer running out, then the Prize that will be awarded will be a 70% cash prize for the amount of money taken during this Competition. Only the Competition entrants will be entered into the draw.

How many tickets per competition can I buy?

The Entrant is permitted to enter the Competitions up to the amount of 5 entries, per each Competition.

How do I set up a free account?

Your You Win Competitions Limited Account(s): In order to enter a Competition, you will need to register an account with us. (a) You can register an account online – in order to do so you will be requested to provide an email address, name and contact number. Please note you are only permitted to register one account with us.